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btvs_lightsout's Journal

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The Home of Dark Buffyverse Fanfiction
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BtVS Lights Out
Welcome to btvs_lightsout a community for darker Buffy the Slayer and Angel fics.
The community has very simple rules. Please take the time to read them and follow them.

The Rules:
01. btvs_lights accepts fanfiction posts of all pairings and ratings that focus on the following genres: dark, angst, and horror. "Happy Endings" aren't unwelcomed but the focus of the fic should be the darker, angiest and scarier side of the Buffyverse. If you want to post fluffier pieces, try ats_btvs_fanfic.

02. When posting, please include a simple header including a disclaimer, ratings and pairings. The body of your fic must be under a lj-cut. If you're in need of a header, please use the following:

03. When posting, please clearly label for necessary content. For example, if your fic contains character death, please warn for it. Please remember that cordyfanfiction accepts all genres, ratings and pairings. This is very important since the fics that will be posted will be of a darker nature.

04. btvs_lightsout allows promotional posts for other communities that are focused on either Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Angel. If you're unsure if what you're posting is allowed, please contact a moderator.

05. When posting, please tag your fics.

06. No drama! This means that we do not tolerate bashing or flaming of other members. Remember your idea of dark might not be someone else's idea of dark.
The following communities are affiliated with btvs_lightsout, if you'd like to affiliate please contact a moderator.

ats_btvs_fanfic | joss100 | cordyfanfiction | faithshippers | winter_of_faith | willangelus

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